Hayley Matthews 

Marriage is a big step in a couple's relationship, and it's not one to take lightly.

Once the champagne is gone and the honeymoon is over, it's time for newlyweds to start a real life together, and one of the most important decisions they will make is where to live. We've done some of the heavy lifting to make that choice a lot easier.

Taking overall affordability, entertainment, housing, employment opportunities and more into consideration, as well as referencing's list of the best cities for young couples, we've compiled our list of the 15 Best Cities for Newlyweds.

From big to small, each city has its own unique qualities that are just as unique as the couples who choose to live there.

15. Brooklyn, Indiana

No, we're not talking about Brooklyn, New York, even though that's a great city, too. We're talking about Brooklyn, Indiana, "the Town Seen from the East."

Founded in 1854, Brooklyn, Indiana may be a small town (1,613 people, according to 2013 data), but it has a big heart. Your love will surely grow in Brooklyn.

14. Encinitas, California

Encinitas, California is known for being a leader in the ornamental flower industry, particularly poinsettias, but it also should be known for being a wonderful city for newly married couples. With affordable housing, quality jobs and exciting activities right at your fingertips, you won't regret putting down roots in Encinitas.

13. New Haven, Connecticut

Tucked away in picturesque Connecticut, you'll find New Haven or "The Elm City." If the breathtaking scenery (you'll actually get four seasons!) doesn't convince you and your soul mate to settle down here, maybe the inspiring ambiance will.


12. Irvine, California

Irvine, California's mission statement is "to create and maintain a community where people can live, work and play in an environment that is safe, vibrant and aesthetically pleasing," and it certainly lives up to that reputation. As an influential business and tourism destination, your future as a couple looks bright in Irvine.


11. Spokane, Washington

With the saying "Near Nature. Near Perfect," Spokane, Washington is a fantasy made real for couples who love the outdoors and the arts. Let's not forget that Spokane also has some of the best libraries, parks, schools and realty around.

10. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

With the motto Benigno Numine, or "By the favor of the heavens," things will always go your way in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It doesn't matter if you move to the north, south, east or west part of town because you and your boo will receive a warm welcome - guaranteed.

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