By Richie Bernardo

Freedom is not free. Protecting Americans and their way of life occasionally carries the heavy cost of war. As we go on about our daily lives, our troops sacrifice theirs so we may sleep soundly at night, many of us unaware of the unfortunate events that transpire in distant lands.

In return, it is our duty to safeguard our veterans' and their families' rights back home. They deserve to be adequately compensated with quality health care, housing and education among other benefits.

In 2013, there were 21.4 million military veterans in the U.S., according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. About 722,000 were unemployed, many because of disabilities that resulted from their service. And as of June 2014, nearly 300,000 were deprived of emergency jobless compensation. Re-employment is a benefit guaranteed to military personnel upon their return from active duty. For the rest of our unemployed veterans who are willing and able to work, there is no excuse for the scarcity of jobs.

In honor of those who fought bravely for the sake of our freedom, WalletHub took on the mission of finding the best and worst cities for our former service people. We drew upon 19 key metrics to rank 100 of the most populated U.S. cities. The data set ranges from the percentage of military skill-related jobs to the availability of VA health facilities. With our findings, we aim to help our veterans find a comfortable home in the country they served.

Overall Rank    City
1                         Lincoln, NE
2                         Gilbert, AZ
3                         Irvine, CA
4                         Madison, WI
5                         Boise, ID
6                         Omaha, NE
7                         Chesapeake, VA
8                         Laredo, TX
9                         Raleigh, NC
10                      Mesa, AZ