Orange County Register

Recently I was sworn in as community service commissioner at City Hall. Brian Fisk, the director of community services, gave me a briefing on the department and Irvine's neighborhood and community parks.

I learned that the park system was the embodiment of a master plan put in place when Irvine was formed as a city in 1971 and that the job of the Community Services Commission is to help implement the vision established by the city's founders.

Near the end of our meeting, I asked Brian, "Name a park that doesn't get the attendance that it should, one that people should know about."

Without any hesitation, Brian said, "The Sepulveda Vista Point."

At that moment, I felt a mix of pride (having been there with the girls) and a sense of responsibility to reveal one of Irvine's best-kept secrets.

First the stats. Dedicated in 2005 with nine parking spaces, three picnic and four park benches, Sepulveda Vista Point spans 1.3 acres at the end of Federation Way, nestled in between Vista Verde K-8 School and the Merage Jewish Community Center, across the way from Mariners Church.

The land was given to the city by the Irvine Co., as part of the approval requirements when the Turtle Ridge neighborhood was built.

Once there, climb the steep hill in the comfort of your car. Now get out and marvel. If you think Irvine doesn't have views, think again - this rivals any view in the state. You can see, from left to right: Catalina rising out of the Pacific, Palos Verdes, Long Beach, Signal Hill, downtown Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Mountains...