Artists Republic, a contemporary art gallery located in Laguna Beach, CA, and well-respected contemporary artist Zio Ziegler are excited to unveil a large-scale mural that will be on display at the Tilly's Irvine Ecommerce building in Irvine for the summer. The project is made possible with the strong support from Vans, Tilly's and Artists Republic.

Located alongside the 405 freeway, the mural is the first of its type in Orange County and the biggest mural for Zio Ziegler to date. The wall stands 55 feet high and 340 feet long - a massive 15,000 square feet. Work on the mural began on Monday of this week and is slated for completion by this Friday.

As the Orange County art scene can often go under-the-radar, Artists Republic sees Ziegler's mural as a symbol of appreciation and positive attention for the arts in Orange County. Artists Republic Founder Torrey Cook says, "It has been so wonderful to work with Vans, Tillys and the City of Irvine on this project - once a dream... a blank wall that stood on it's own on the side of a major thoroughfare from Los Angeles to San Diego... is now becoming a beautiful piece of art... a beacon to show that Orange County is a viable place for great contemporary art and new thinking. It's really exciting."

This project is expected to bring worldwide attention to Orange County and the opportunities for artistic expression within the community.

Zio Ziegler is an American artist, known for his intricately patterned paintings and his large-scale murals that can be seen in major cities around the world. Most recently, Ziegler partnered with the United Nations to create a large-scale mural in downtown Oakland. The mural was designed to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the United Nations Charter, and reflects the UN's ideals and sustainable development goals planned over the next 15 years.

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Follow the progress of the mural via the Artists Republic Instagram:

About Artists Republic

Artists Republic is a contemporary art gallery in Laguna Beach, CA dedicated to the support of emerging and mid-career artists who not only make amazing works in the studio, but are leaders in life - travelers, curators, musicians, skateboarders, surfers, teachers, builders. AR4T gallery specializes in original works, prints, books and more. AR4T is proud to work with Vans in the effort to provide a larger platform for new contemporary art.

About Zio Ziegler

Zio Ziegler (born February 18, 1988) is an American artist, known for his intricately patterned paintings and his large-scale murals that can be seen in major cities in the U.S., Europe and Asia. His work reflects the diverse influences of late medieval and quattrocento painting, aboriginal, African and naïve art, and the European graffiti movement. Driven by intuition and depicted with a playful use of space and materials, his subject matter reflects the human condition, with reference to allegorical, mythical and artistic lineage. He paints in the belief that his paintings complete themselves by triggering self-discovery in their viewers.