Flawlessly Freckled Family & Travel
Janee Smith

After a long day traveling in Irvine the past October 2015 we stayed at the Wyndham hotel. I was exhausted and didn't feel like moving my car, losing my great parking spot, so I decided to just eat at the lounge with Jayden.

It was probably around 4pm that we made it downstairs to the lounge and it was pretty quiet. When we first sat down there was a documentary on the TV screens. They turned it to football after about us being there 15 minutes. 

Trying to decide what to eat was pretty simple, they have a pretty straight forward menu of options to pick from.

There wasn't anything for little kids like a kids menu. So no chicken fingers or happy meal types of items. Jayden is a picky eater so I was a little concerned.

After reading all the menu items to Jayden he opted for the Chicken Quesadilla and Pot Stickers. I decided on the Kobe Beef Slider. Jayden has had pot stickers before from a local Hawaiian restaurant but he had never had a chicken quesadilla.

The wait for taking our order took about 20 minutes for someone to come to us. That was a bit long but the place wasn't crowded and it looked like the staff was preparing for the dinner rush later.

Jayden got a water in a fancy glass and he was thrilled to not have a cup with a top on it. He felt like he was a big boy now drinking from a wine glass.

I got the lemon drop martini. Let me tell you that I know my drinks. I know my limits and I know what I like. This drink had sugar around the rim of the glass, the flavor was good, not too sweet, but BABY the alcohol in it was on point. It wasn't watered down or anything, it was an actual lemon drop martini. I am so used to going to places that I have to get 3 drinks in order to feel anything but after 3 sips oh I felt the power in this drink. I had to slow down for sure because I had my son with me. I knew I wasn't going to finish the drink so I put it to the side and we continued on with our dinner.

By around 5pm the bar started to get packed

The pot stickers (Jayden didn't like them but I loved them)

Jayden's chicken quesadilla

My Kobe Beef Sliders with homemade potato chips

All in all our bill came to about $40 and that's technically 3 meals plus 1 drink. The Kobe Beef Sliders were my favorite, perfectly cooked, caramelized onions and good portion size. The chips had a smoked taste to them so after a few I didn't want anymore. The Chicken Quesadilla was a big hit for both me and Jayden, he loved them. The flavor was perfect, just the right amount a cheese and had more chicken than cheese, perfect. The pot stickers were ok. There weren't as big of a hit as the Kobe Beef Sliders for me, if I had to give them a grade I would say Kobe Beef Sliders an A+, Chicken Quesadilla an A, Pot Stickers a B-.

I wish that I could have gotten a different side order than the chips but I would come back to the bar for the sliders alone. I was listening to the people at the bar and they felt that the Chicken Quesadilla was the best thing on the menu, for me it was the sliders.

If you go tell me which one you prefer, I would love to know.