Southern California has long been a hub of culinary innovation. The French dip sandwich, the cheeseburger, and the hot fudge sundae were all created in the Golden State. That spirit of innovation still thrives in Irvine's Diamond Jamboree, a multicultural shopping center that has established itself as Orange County's premier international dining destination.

As fashion blogger Jill Wallace explains in this video, one of the Diamond Jamboree's main attractions is Urban Seoul. A product of the area's culinary melting pot, Urban Seoul specializes in fusing traditional Korean cuisine with Southern California classics. Standout delicacies from its current menu include Gogi sliders made with marinated rib eye, spicy pickled cucumber, American cheese, kimchi, and fried onions. Its scrumptious take on Venezuelan arepas, comprised of spicy pork, pickled onions, queso fresco, cilantro lime sauce, and an open-faced grilled corn cake, is also highly recommended.

Another one of Diamond Jamboree's most appealing eateries is the 85ºC Bakery Café. A sensation in its native Taiwan, 85ºC serves a selection of bread, pastries, and drinks that feature Danish, French, Japanese and Taiwanese influences. Some of the café's highlights include its savory bacon, cheese, and dried parsley flake bread, delightfully decadent Black Forest chocolate sponge and sweet cherry cake and 85ºC's signature seasonal dishes, the Dang Do. This mouth-watering pastry is filled with pork fu, red bean paste, mochi, walnuts, and egg yolk and topped off with Asiago cheese.

Travelers seeking unusual desserts must stop by Afters Ice Cream. This forward-thinking creamery has created a heretofore unimagined sweet course: the Milky Bun. The phenomenal treat fuses together two iconic junk foods - doughnuts and ice cream. Customers select one of a range of different ice cream flavors. The chilly delight is then stuffed inside a warm glazed doughnut. Afters's signature dessert is an indulgence unlike any other.

Urban Seoul, 85ºC Bakery Café and Afters Ice Cream are just three of the 21 eateries that call the Diamond Jamboree home. It's fair to say there aren't many places in the southwestern United States that offer a greater variety of delectable cuisine in one place. Foodies, gourmets and adventurous eaters from around the world owe it to themselves to pay a visit to Irvine's multicultural dining destination.

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