By Jeremiah Dobruck

Irvine ranks as safest U.S. city with population over 100,000 for 10th straight year, FBI says

The lowest violent-crime rate in city history last year netted Irvine its 10th straight title as the safest big city in the nation, officials announced this week.

In 2013, Irvine experienced the fewest violent crimes per capita for any city with more than 100,000 residents, according to federal data released Monday.

The city of 235,830 reported 113 violent crimes last year, according to the FBI, which compiles data submitted by law enforcement agencies across the country.
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Irvine's total breaks down to two homicides, 12 rapes, 38 robberies and 61 aggravated assaults, the Daily Pilot reported. Although 110 violent crimes were reported in the city in 2012, a spike in population of about 18,000 residents means Irvine's per-capita rate dropped, according to the FBI.

The city also experienced a decline last year in property crime. The city reported 3,304 burglaries, thefts, vehicle thefts and arsons in 2012 compared with a total of 3,285 in 2013.