Enjoy A Festive European Flair, Shopping, and Entertainment At The Irvine Spectrum Center, By Melody Schubert

We have visited many Malls and Shopping Centers around the country, and each one offers a bounty of entertainment, dining, and shopping options. On this trip we joined our friends for a day of shopping at the Irvine Spectrum Center, which was simply beautiful. Often, many shopping centers are a series concrete blocks strategically laid out in a maze so shoppers are enticed to shop more; not so at the Irvine Spectrum Center. Yes, honestly, they would like you to shop, though the Center is designed more to unite the community than anything else, which is unique in its self.

There are beautiful fountains found throughout the Irvine Spectrum Center; among them are bold lions, and charming turtles designed especially for children. The Irvine Spectrum Center was actually inspired by the world famous Alhambra, the 13th century citadel that overlooks the city of Granada, Spain. Strolling among the welcoming corridors elegant lines and curves add a European flair to the experience and invite you to explore the beauty of the architecture. The 350 palm trees throughout the center make you feel like your in a oasis. As you walk through the Irvine Spectrum Center you'll come to arch over Gibraltar Court; look up and you'll find an imprint of a hand and a key, which according to Spanish legend are symbols of good luck.

Just as beautiful are the centerpieces of the Irvine Spectrum Center; a 108-foot tall Grand Ferris Wheel, which was hand-crafted in Italy, and European Carousel, featuring antique-designed horses and menagerie animals. Look at the beautiful Spanish Style facade and you find intimate portraits of matadors and Spanish women, and striking artistic scenes that capture an era gone-by. Each piece was created with the same care and creativity. Add these to the entertaining and festive events and you have a entertaining destination to visit, rather than a just shopping center.

Also within the Irvine Spectrum Center is one of the country's largest movie theater complexes, Edwards Irvine Spectrum 21 Cinemas and IMAX that has a unique style of its own. The Edwards Irvine Spectrum 21 Megaplex has stadium seating and modernized digital surround sound, which brings movies to life. Featuring 6,400 seats and 21 screens, plus exciting documentaries, and realistic 3D movies at the IMAX theater, which stands eight stories high, you're certain to catch the best Hollywood has to offer on the silver screen.

The night before we joined our group for an exciting evening at the Improv Comedy Club, which is the number one comedy club in the U.S., and welcomes many of the most famous comedians year-round. The intimate setting is perfect for an evening out with friends, family or a date, and there are no bad seats in the Comedy Club; regardless where you sit you'll be able to see the stage. So sit back, enjoy a drink or glass of wine, and be prepared to laugh until you sides hurt - like we did!  

On your visit to the Irvine Spectrum Center you can take in the European charm and join upcoming events like the Cadillac Culinary Challenge - yes, more food to enjoy, and later in October the Ice Rink will open, which families always enjoy, and then in Early November is the chance to Test Drive A Cadillac. With over 130 stores, delicious dining at restaurants like the Yard House, and events and live entertainment, you'll find plenty of entertaining options to enjoy on your visit to the Irvine Spectrum Center!