by Suzanne Russo

t's January, a time for new beginnings, setting goals, renewing discipline and... eating a lot. Yes, we too heard that proverbial New Year's resolution record screech. But hey, while this month is about working off all the turkey and treats, it's also about living a better life: saving money, experiencing new things, and supporting local businesses.

Since January is California Restaurant Month, offering restaurant deals throughout the state, its a great time to explore and savor while still committing to that budget resolution. And in the great state of California, that could mean anything from cozying up in the mountains to sipping a beer on a beachfront patio. In honor of another resolution (using less gas), oM has put together some California Restaurant Month foodie adventures, all doable with minimal mileage on the car. (And don't worry, we've thrown in some fun fitness options to help you work off another month of eating in no time!)