OC Photo 2017 is putting out the word: this ambitious project to capture the life and times of Orange County in images for the entire year is looking to connect with you.

"The basic guidelines for photographers are simple: images must be taken in Orange County between January 1 and December 31," project organizer Andrew Schmidt says, "The project is reaching out to every photographer who wants to contribute their skills, talent and vision to help make the project a success."

Schmidt was the project manager for "A Slice of Orange," a photography project organized by professional photographer and long-time Orange County resident John Bare with the support and participation of one of the largest photo clubs in the county.

During the weeks before and after Labor Day in 2014, more than 50 photographers traversed the length and breadth of the county, capturing "the personality of Orange County" through images of residents and visitors as they wound down summer over the holiday weekend, headed back to school and went about their everyday lives.

The project produced a well-received calendar for 2015 and a 108-page book, published through Blurb, featuring over 350 images from the project. The project was also featured in the exhibit "Smile: Expressions of Orange County" during the summer of 2016 at Orange County  Great Park.

Schmidt is working with Bare and an enthusiastic committee to expand on the original "Slice" concept with the wider scope of the OC Photo 2017 project. The organizing committee is working to launch the project initially via Facebook with additional promotion through social media sites including Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to build awareness of the project. No publications are being planned yet, but there have already been some preliminary discussions with Great  Park about an exhibit.

We invite you to follow the project online at:

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