Located adjacent to the dazzling Southern California coastline, the City of Irvine is not only a destination -- it's a lifestyle with a bounty of leisure fun to discover. The city prides itself on being the nexus of sophisticated visitor-friendly amenities - shopping, dining, entertainment and outdoor recreation.

Situated on 45 square miles, Irvine is surrounded by picturesque coastal, mountain, and canyon landscapes and has consistently been ranked as "America's Safest Big City."

The Irvine Company, a pioneer in the master plan concept, in the 1960s commissioned renowned city planner and architect William Pereira to create a visionary master plan to guide development of the land and set standards for what would become the new city of Irvine in 1971. The result is one of the most forward-thinking urban and rural land planning projects in the country. 

Irvine embodies the perfect balance of development and preserved open spaces that has created a lifestyle for residents and visitors alike to enjoy the best of both worlds...

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