Visitors Contribute Over 600 Million Dollars to the Local Economy in 2016

Destination Irvine released statistics from the 2016 Visitor Impact report conducted specifically for Irvine. In 2016, traveler expenditures for Irvine came to an estimated $612 million, an increase of two percent over 2015, far exceeding the rate of growth in preceding years due to increased visitation. The travel industry contributed $34 million in local and state

"Through the strategic efforts of Destination Irvine's marketing and sales initiatives, tourism spending is further enhanced, resulting in an increase in economic impact to the community," said Scott McCoy, General Manager, Irvine Marriott and chair of the Irvine Hotel Improvement District. "Irvine's 19 hotels partner with the organization to aid in the branding and promotion of
the city as a preferred overnight destination for groups, sports events, leisure visitors and business travelers."

The travel industry supported 5,670 Irvine jobs and was responsible for adding $226 million in wages to the local economy. 

It is estimated that without visitor spending, resident households in Irvine would each pay $390 more a year in state and local taxes.

Irvine's major visitor spending categories are as follows:  

Spending Categories Percent of Total Spending Spending in Irvine
($ Millions)
Food & Beverage Services                    28%                    $175
Accommodations                                 27%                    $167
Arts, Entertainment & Recreation          21%                    $127
Retail                                                 17%                    $108
Transportation                                      7%                    $41
Total Spending in 2016                   100%                    $612
Statewide, travelers spent a record $126.3 billion in 2016.      

"2016 marked the seventh straight year of growth for California's tourism industry," said Visit California President and CEO Caroline Beteta. "California out-indexed the U.S. last year in visitor spending by almost an entire percentage point."

These numbers are estimates from the Irvine Visitor Impact Report, Calendar Year 2016, a tourism economic impact study conducted by Dean Runyan Associates. Dean Runyan Associates also conducts the California Travel Impacts by County reports for Visit California. The full report can be viewed at



Laura Perdew, Vice President, Irvine Chamber