Mango Sticky Rice

Linda Kissam
Murrieta Chef Recipes Examiner

One of the most uniquely elegant desserts around is sticky rice with mango. It just happens to also be vegan and gluten-free. It's delicious served warm. The sticky, aromatic, sweet and slightly salty rice, drenched in coconut milk, and eaten spoonful by spoonful with fragrant mango is a treat not to be missed. Often found in Thai restaurants, it only takes 20 minutes or so to make at home once the rice is soaked.

One of the best places to learn how to make this dish is at The Wine Artist in Lake Forest, California (near Irvine). The Wine Artist is a boutique winery and event facility specializing in corporate events, private parties and custom labeled wine. The entertainment center has over 25,000 square feet tastefully decorated in a Tuscan theme. It is perfect for hosting private parties, team building, birthday parties, fund raising and charity events. Owner / Chef MJ Hong incorporates the best part of cooking classes, wine tasting, and bottling wine into party themes such as: Taste of Italy, Taste of Spain, Sushi Party, Taste of France, and Taste of Thailand. This is a truly unique experience.

MJ has always had a passion for cooking and entertaining. She purchased The Wine Artist 2 years ago creating an energy-charged atmosphere of interactive fun, education and social engagement. Pick a theme and bring your own group or be part of a scheduled class. Either way everyone attending participates in the meal preparation. It's a perfect setting for beginners to want- to-be chefs.

At a recent Taste of Thailand class, it was clear to all that lack of cooking skills does not get in the way of having a great time. Less skilled guests peeled and cut carrots for the Spring Rolls , the more experience home chef got involved in the more complicated process of making a curry sauce. MJ's kind guiding hand and constant positive approvals and affirmations keeps the group on track and focused on the end "yum."

Speaking of the end "yum," Chef Hong has sent along a magnificent dessert to try. Chef suggests sourcing ingredients from a local Asian store. According to Chef Hong, "Great prices, availability, authentic products and freshness are easily found in Asian grocery aisles."