Dan wakes up every morning at 6am.  He rolls out of bed, throws on his bike shorts and hops on his bike.  At 60 years old he does 25 miles every day before breakfast.  

Rosa just turned 45 and was recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes.  This scarred her.  She searched the internet for ways to improve her health and found cycling.  So she dusted off the old bike in her garage and began riding for 30 minutes, 3 days a week.  She is now back on the road to good health.

Avery is 7 and has just discovered the freedom that a bike can bring to a kid.  Under pedal power she and all of her friends cruise the neighborhood having fun.  All day she dreams about the next time she gets to hop on a bike.

All of these people have very little in common with one exception, they are all coming to Revolution Bike Fest.

Revolution Bike Fest is doing something different in the world of cycling.  There are no number
plates, no racing, and no timing chips. Just the outdoors, family, challenge and fun.  People from all different age groups and ability levels are coming to Southern California November 4th - 6th
to celebrate bikes and the lifestyle that surrounds it.  Family friendly road rides and guided
mountain bike rides through some of the most beautiful and iconic trails in Orange County, CA. 

Revolution is more than just a bike festival, it's a celebration of the bike and its transformative power in people's lives.  And it's different for everyone. For some it's the fitness aspect, for others, the camaraderie.  Revolution Bike Fest Founder, Matt Wenger says, "We are STOKED on bringing people from all walks of life to celebrate cycling and all of the amazing elements
that surround it.  From bikes to music, gear to food, and everything in between, we have created a festival weekend that celebrates a fun and active life lived outdoors.  Whether you are a diehard cyclist who can't get enough of riding, or are just becoming interested in cycling, Revolution is for you. This event is all about FUN, family and friends.  Ok... and
maybe just a little bit of bike time."  

If you are looking for a family friendly event where you can spend you weekend
reconnecting and growing together, this is your ticket. 

Adam Olson
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