Famine and war has brought civilization
to an end at the Irvine Spectrum Center...

Irvine, California, May 27, 2016 - It's the year 2156 and pollution, famine and war has brought civilization to an end. An evil group affected by the high level of radiation have been spared and are now fighting for their lives and to find food. Don't let them be your destruction!

THE RiDE 7D is an Immersive, Interactive Motion Ride Experience. You will feel the thrill of a rollercoaster and the excitement of a state-of-the-art laser blasting game all in one.

We are so thrilled with the excitement THE RiDE 7D has evoked since opening our first location at The Irvine Spectrum Center on October 23, 2015," says Drew J. Kaplan Founder at THE RiDE 7D. "Our latest Limited Edition Ride, titled Road Fighters, is our best ride yet with more of everything, basically it's insane!"

After a brief tutorial on safety, passengers are buckled into the latest in motion seat technology by Triotech, given 3D glasses and a laser blaster before the real fun begins. Road Fighters takes riders through a deserted City where they are tasked with blasting the bad guys who are trying to steal food from riders. At the end of the ride, everybody's score is displayed on the BIG screen. Reach the high score on the ride and instantly win a 1:10th scale giant radio controlled truck valued at $69-$99.

"It's all about the 7D which stands for dimensions," says Ernesto Nolasco, Operations Manager at THE RiDE 7D. "3D glasses make the content on the screen come to life while the other 4D's are... Motion, Wind, Interactivity and Scoring allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the story."

Road Fighters THE RiDE is a limited Edition ride and will only be available at The Irvine Spectrum Center from May 27, 2016 through September 30th 2016. Other rides such as Spooky/Scary Zombies, Action-Packed Gigamon and Fun/Adventure Los Banditos will continue to be year round.

The cost to ride Road Fighters is $14 per rider for your first ride and $10 per rider for any same day re-ride. Zombies, Gigamon and Los Banditos cost $9-$10 per rider for your first ride and $5-$6 per rider for any same day re-ride. Other packages to ride all three or all four rides are available at the door.

Watch Road Fighters Ride Trailer here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fWkiDJUAkY





THE RiDE 7D was founded in 2015, by Drew J. Kaplan with its first location at The Irvine Spectrum Center. They are currently scouting for additional locations throughout Southern California and expect to open a second location this year. Learn more at http://www.theride7d.com

Press Contact
Name: Drew J. Kaplan
Mobile: 805-857-3902
Email: drew@theride7d.com
Press Kit: Available upon request