Silent River Film Festival (SRFF) Announces 2011 Lineup

Silent River Film Festival (SRFF) celebrates the vision and passion of the filmmakers across the globe inspired by their cultures, their being and surroundings. SRFF aims to be a festival known for its refreshing vision.

Some of the industry‘s finest filmmakers will come together to share their experiences and love for cinema at the Silent River Film Festival between September 9th-16th, 2011. The eight day event will be held on the city of Irvine‘s 40th anniversary year and is also the city‘s first international film festival. With over 80 hand-selected features, shorts and documentaries from 20 countries in 15 languages to share, SRFF will host the opening and weekend screenings at Edwards Westpark 8. The festival will also showcase a variety of films at the University of California, Irvine‘s (UCI) beautiful McCormick Theatre for five consecutive days. The opening night screenings will be followed by a gala hosted at Kimera Restaurant & Lounge, located in the heart of Irvine. The city is located less than an hour from the entertainment capital; Los Angeles, California. The Irvine-based film festival is in association with UCI‘s Film & Media Studies.

Mayor Pro Tem Beth Krom said a few words in recognition of bringing the Silent River Film Festival to the city of Irvine, "I'm very excited about the first Silent River Film Festival in the city of Irvine. Being an 'international crossroads city,‘ this is a perfect fit-and a perfect way to celebrate our 40th anniversary." Festival listings can also be found on Daily screenings will be followed by the Zen Hours (the after-party) and are sponsored and supported by city‘s favorite restaurants and lounges. Ticket sale information to be released soon.

The Silent River Film Festival is established with a vision to discover, recognize and celebrate the spirit of independent filmmakers, bringing the rich cinema of Eastern and Western cultures together. SRFF will showcase award-winning films that are selected to share the inspirations of the writers and moviemakers, and highlight the current issues that surround us today. The festival is founded by film director Kalpna Singh-Chitnis who is also a published writer and an established poet.

Kalpna, a resident of Irvine, has an award-winning history with both literature and film. Her short film "Girl with an Accent" won the Silver Ten Award at the SMTV Mumbai Film Festival in India in 2006. She also received the prestigious Rajbhasha Award in India for her collection of poetry titled "Chand Ka Paivand" and received recognition from respectable writers in the industry for her newly released poetry album "Touched by the Devil." Her first feature film "Goodbye My Friend," will have its world premiere at SRFF. Visit - to learn more.

Silent River Film Festival's 2011 Line Up

Narrative Features

1. I am Kalam (India) | Director. Nila Madhab Panda
2. Meherjaan (Bangladesh) | Director. Rubaiyat Hossain
3. The Kindness of Strangers (UK) | Director. Deborah Hadfield
4. Fairview St. (USA) | Director. Michael McCallum
5. Life! Camera Action (USA/India) | Director. Rohit Gupta
6. Dark Resonance (Bangladesh) | Director. Mithu Mahmood Khalid
7. Mausams (Singapore) | Director. Shilpa Krishnan Shulka
8. Finding Jenua (USA) | Director. Alison Mason
9. A. Hitler (USA) | Director. | Barry Hershey (Non-competition)
10. Goodbye My Friend (USA) | Director. Kalpna Singh-Chitnis (Non-competition)

Documentary Features

1. The Highest Pass (USA) | Director. Jon Fitzgerald
2. Wild Eyes: The Abby Sunderland Story (USA) | Director. Laurence Sunderland
3. When the Dragon Swallowed the Sun (USA) | Director. Dirk Simon
4. Tareq Aziz: The Other Truth (Italy) | Director. Jean-Marie Benjamin
5. Wild Horses & Renegades (USA) | Director. James Kleinert
6. Death By Medicine (USA) | Director .Gary Null
7. Out of the Darkness (Germany) | Director. Stefano Levi
8. Catching Dreams (USA) | Director. Kevin Flint
9. Walking the Waking Journey (Nepal, Philippines) | Director. Ferdinand Balanag
10. John Muir in the New World (USA) | Director. Catherine Tatge
11. Problema: Who are we in the 21st Century? (Germany) | Director. Ralf Schmerberg
12. Changement I‘Histoire a travers les yeux des Guineens (Italy) | Director. Chiara Cavallazzi
13. Strong Bodies Fight (USA) | Director. William Donaruma

Documentary Shorts

1. Striking a Chord (USA) | Director. Susan Cohn Rockefeller
2. Challenging Impossibilities (USA) | Director. Sanjay Rawal
3. Food for Thought (USA) | Director. Serena Felsher
4. We Come From Jambiani (USA) | Director. David Nonberg, Bobby Mober, MJ Lat

Short Films

1. When Life Gives You Lemons (Canada) | Director. Lee Chambers
2. Handcuffed (UK) | Director. Deborah Hadfield
3. Porque hay cosas que nunca se olvidan (Spain) | Director. Lucas M. Figueroa
4. Butterfly Circus (USA) | Director. Joshua Weigel
5. Heal (Pakistan) | Director. Mia Adnan Ahmad
6. Brief Encounter 21st Century (UK) | Director. Deborah Hadfield
7. Enganchate (Spain) | Director. Isabel Soria
8. Tasnim (Israel) | Director. Elite Zexer
9. Le Miroir (France) | Director. Sebastien Rossignol
10. Profile (Germany) | Director. Timo Pierre Rositzki
11. Nocturnal Animals (China) | Director. Carol Zhang
12. After She‘s Gone (USA) | Director. Eunice Lau
13. La Nina del Disierto (USA) | Director. Malachi Rempen
14. El Rayo Y La Sirena (Spain) | Director. Diego Sanchildrian
15. Heaven Garden (Brazil) | Director. Ari Candido Fernandes
16. Bathing & the Single Girl (USA) | Director. Christine Elise McCarthy
17. For Water (USA) | Director. Natalie Metzger
18. Beholden (USA) | Director. David Jibladze
19. Something Special (New Zealand) | Director. Kristie L. Simkins
20. Da Capo (Desde El Comienzo) (Spain) | Director. Jezabel Martinez
21. Mugs (USA) | Director. Ronnie Crammer
22. Long Live the Duke (USA) | Director. Matt Brailey
23. 11 24 (USA) | Director. Michele Gutierrez
24. La Orquesta De Las Mariposas (Spain) | Director. Isabel Soria
25. Plight of the Earth Fairy (USA) | Director. Kim Sheridan
26. The Continuing Adventures of the Battling Bag Lady - Black and Blue (USA) | Director. Lynnette Privatsky
27. The Child (USA) | Director. Shantal Reich
28. Relinquish (USA) | Director. Garrett Goldenberg
29. Polly (USA) | Director. Clayton Olsen
30. One for Sorrow (USA) | Director. Linda Brieda
31. The Park (UK) | Director. Michael Lavers

Short Films (Colleges and Universities)

1. The Response (USA) | Director. Andrew Spiler
2. Raju (Germany/India) | Director. Max Zahle
3. Fiasco (USA) | Director. Nadia Hamzeh
4. Another Day Another Life (USA) | Director. Rohit Gupta
5. Uss Paar (India) | Director. Arati Kadav
6. The Haymaker (Canada/ USA) | Daniel Dalimonte
7. Jeremy (USA) | Director. Brian Faye
8. Free Lunch (USA) | Director. Rick Curnutt
9. The Last Page (USA) | Director. Kevin Acevedo
10. Play Time (USA) | Director. Roxy Shih
11. The Show Must Go On (USA) | Director. Sean O‘Brien
12. She‘s a Fox (USA) | Director. Cameron Sawyer
13. No Strings Attached (USA) | Director. Steven Jonatan
14. Let the Block Know (USA) | Director. Lai San Ho, Lynne Koester

Animation Shorts

1. Topi (USA) | Director. Arjun Rihan
2. Sharfik (USA) | Director. Karina Gazizova
3. Prayers for Peace (USA) | Director. Dustin Grella
4. Bait (USA) | Director. Michael Moore
5. Hop to It (USA) | Director. Michael Cusic
6. Cranked & Cursed (USA) | Director. Todd DeJong

Teen Shorts

1. Losing Touch (USA) | Director. Nicole Abbott
2. The 36 (USA) | Director. Nic Weinfeld
3. Tie Man (USA) | Director. Katherine Harrison
4. How Could She? (USA) | Director. Kevin Rieg
5. My Name is Anna (USA) | Director. Tara-Nicole Axarian

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