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Irvine, California, USA - Some of the industry's finest filmmakers will come together to share

their work and love for cinema at the 2012 "Silent River Film Festival" in Irvine, taking place
from October 11th- 14th.

"Silent River Film Festival" has much to boast about its 2012 line-up that includes films from
major Studios like 'Walt Disney', 'UTV' and many independent film productions worldwide.
This year entries were received from 30 countries and with 80 hand-selected films "Silent River
Film Festival" plans to to celebrate its second anniversary.

The 2012 "Silent River Film Festival" will take place at the 'Edwards Westpark 8 Theater' and
'Irvine City Hall Assembly.' The festival Zen hours (after parties) will be hosted at some of the
finest restaurants in Irvine. Opening night screenings will be followed by an after party (Zen
Hours) hosted by the 'Bluewater Grill' in District Tustin. 'Irvine Marriott Hotel' once again will
host the festival's Red Carpet Award Night Gala on October 14th filled with fun, food and live

An hour away from the entertainment capital Los Angeles, the city of Irvine will have the
pleasure and honor to welcome some well know celebrities from the industry including actress
Jorja Fox of 'CSI' , 'West Wing' 'ER' and legendary Indian actress Rajshree of 'Around The
World', Geet Gaya Pathronne' and Janwar.

Renowned South-Korean Film director Chung Ji-yong of UNBOWED, Peruvian Director
Camilo Vila of 180 DOLLARS TO FREEDOM , Terry Green of NO GOD, NO MASTER are also
expected to walk the red carpet of the "Silent River Film Festival" this year.
Silent River Film Festival founded by filmmaker, actor and poet Kalpna Singh-Chitnis has been
established with a vision to discover, recognize and celebrate the spirit of independent filmmakers
and bring the rich cinema of East and West together.

Festival's "Cinema for Causes" showcase brings a number of films related to causes every year.
This year's "Cinema for Causes" films and documentaries are made on Human Rights issues,
Environmental issues and Humane Treatment for Animals.

Organization like 'PETA', 'Rattle The Cage' Actress Jorja Fox and Animal Rights activist Juliette
West will be participating at the"Cinema For Causes" seminar to help this year's "Silent River"
charity going to the "Elephant Nature Park" set in Chiang Mai province of Northern
Thailand. "HOW I BECAME AN ELEPHANT" a documentary directed by Tim Gorski and
produced by Jorja Fox and Juliette West will be played at the festival after the seminar. This
documentary bring awareness about the Humane Treatment of Elephants.
More details on Screenings, Seminar and other events to be announced soon.

2012 Silent River Film Festivals Line-up

Narrative Features
1. Unbowed (Bu-reo-jin hwa-sal) - Dir: Chung Ji-Yeong - South Korea.
2. No God, No Master - Dir: Terry Green - United States.
3. Jalpari ( The Desert Mermaid)- Dir: Nila Madhab Panda - India.
4. 186 Dollars to Freedom - Dir: Camilo Vila - Peru /United States.
5. Lessons in Forgetting - Dir: Unni Vijayan - India.
6. Bloom - Dir: Diane Kern - United States.
7. A Gran Plan - Dir: Sangeeta Nambiar - Singapore.

Documentary Features
1. How I became an Elephant - Dir: Tim Gorksi - Mayanmar, Thailand, United States.
2. California State of Mind : The Legacy of Pat Brown -Dir: Sascha Rice - United States.
3. Greening the Revolution - Katie Curran - United States.
4. Aung San Suu Kyi: Dir: Lady of No Fear - Denmark.
5. Road Map to Apartheid - Dir: Ana Nogueira - United States.
6. Ari Ari the Korean Cinema - Dir: Chul Heo and Chung Ji-Yeong - South-Korea.
7. In A Race Against Time - Dir: Michael Zynda - Uganda.
8. Knocking on The Devil's Door - Dir: Gary Null - United States.

Feature Animations
1. Arjun: The Warrior Prince - Dir: Anrab Chaudhuri - India.
A Walt Disney / UTV film (Non-competition)
2. The King of Pigs - Dir: Sang-ho YEUN - South Korea.

Documentary Shorts
1. Running Through: The Jordan Culbreath Story - Dir: A. D. Pearson - United States.
2. Tengenenge - Dir: Jacquelyn Lobel - United States.
3. Marion Stoddart: Dir: The Work of 1000 - Susan Edwards - United States.
4. Ochre and Ink - Dir: James Bradley - Australia.
5. Garden of my Ancestors - Dir: Tsholofelo Monare - South Africa.

Animation Shorts
1. Abuelas - Dir: Afrin Eghbal - United Kingdom.
2. Lift - Dir: Eric Heaton - United States.
3. Live outside The Box - Shu-Hsuan Lin - United States / Taiwan.
4. Defined - Dir: Aaron Ybarra - United States.

Short Films
1. Elegy for a Revolution - Dir: Paul Van Zyl - United States.
2. A Night at the Roosevelt - Dir: J. Elizabeth Martin - United States.
3. Nobody's Child - Dir: Dennis Nollette - United States.
4. One on One - Dir: Jozef Malocha - United States.
5. Freak - Dir: Eric Casaccio - United States.
6. Nina Del Tango - Dir: Jason Eberly - United States.
7. Sunny Boy - Dir: Jane Gull - United Kingdom.
8. Cabby - Dir: Xiaocao Liu - China.
9. Line 102 - Dir: Nadine Freitag - Germany.
10. Goose Family - Dir: Seung Yeob Lee - South Korea / United States.
11. The Bench - Dir: Gabriel Ash - Switzerland.
12. Dis Ease - Dir: Virginia Llera - Spain.
13. Through Bloodshot Eyes - Dir: Amanda Sodhi - United States.
14. ll Lucchetto - Dir: Ettore Nicoletti - Italy.
15. Split Time - Dir: Fabrice bracq - France.
16. Martha and Chloe - Dir: Jasone Urgoitia Urrutia - United States.
17. Epizodist - Dir: Igor Aleksov - Macedonia.
18. Liking Men - Dir: Heather de Michele - United States.
19. Baby's Breath - Dir: Rose Cummings - United States.
20. Mind Thinks Heart Knows - Dir: Michael Reisch - United States.
21. No existe el adios - Dir: Pablo Bullejos - Spain.
22.The Miracles on Honey Bee Hill - Dir: Bob Pondillo - United States.
23. Caleb's Gift - Dir: Robert Bates - United States.
24. Mission of Mermaids - Dir: Susan Cohn Rockefeller - United States.
25. Ente, Tod und Tulpe OmeU - Dir: Andrea Simon - Germany.
26. Die Beobachtung - Dir: Roman Gonther - Germany.
27. Comatoes - Dir: Derek Taylor - United States.
28. The Lucky One - Dir: Bala Balakrishnan - United States.
29. 15 Summers Later - Dir: Pedro Collantes - Spain.
30. Anela en Rouge - Dir: Cara Myers - United States.
31. Heads Up - Dir: Alex Merkin - Robert Krakovski - United States.

Short Films (Colleges and Universities)
1. Paying For it - Dir: Lauren Lillie - American Film Institute - USA.
2. Humble the Poet - Dir: Brendan Nahmias - Chapman University - USA.
3. Moving on - Dir: Dillan Damodar - University of California, Irvine. USA.
4. Project Hopeful - Dir: Kelsie Kiley - Notre dame University - USA.
5. Filial Haven - Dir: Regina Tan - Chapman University - Singapore.
6. Jesus was a Moonwalker - Dir: Alyssa Lundgren - Kansas City Art Institute - USA.
7. Home Coming - Gursimran Sandhu - Dir: Chapman University - USA.
8. In My Seat: A Pilot's Story from September 10th - 11th - Dir: Peter Scheibner - Bob
Jones University - USA.
9. Junior Sonador - Dir: Addison Sandoval - University of California, Irvine - USA.
10. Battle behind the Bottle - Dir: Maria Luskay - Pace University, USA.
11. Tea for two - David Forster - Dir: Victorian College of The Arts School of Film and
Television - Australia.
12. Looking for me in America - Dir: Marco Vitale - New York Film Academy, Italy.
13. Silent River - Anca Miruna Lazarescu - University of Television and Film, Munich -

Teen Shorts
1.Delliah - Dir: Michael Notrica - United States.
2.Echoes Of Exxon - Dir: Lauren Lindberg - United States.
3.Impetuous - Dir: Michael Tanner Cusumano - United States.
4.My license - Dir: Elizabeth Herrick - United States.