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We had an amazing opportunity to go to the Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch. I had read so many blog post on Destination Irvine about the strawberry patch at Tanaka Farms before discovering that they had a pumpkin patch every October. Now was our chance to really experience a great fall escape in Irvine CA.

Tanka Farms opened at 9am and I would have to say the most difficult thing about Tanaka Farms was trying to decide where to go first, lol. There was so much to do and so much to see. This was the first time Jayden had been to anything so amazing and large.
Once inside Jayden darted towards the corn maze, lol. Leaving poor mom to try and catch him. Don't worry parents the maze isn't very complicated so the kids wont get lost.After about 5 minutes he found the flag. It took me about 5 more minutes to catch up with him lol. In the center there are little figures to take pictures with, of course we could pass up the photo opt, lol. Oh and a flag pole.Next we went to the game area. There was face painting, basketball, rubber duck fishing, a frog toss and other activities to play. We got a book of 22 tickets for $20. Each activity was 2 tickets except for the mini monster truck race, it was 3 tickets and you got to do 2 laps.

The Monster Truck Race was a great highlight, it was the first time Jayden road one of these bikes. (Note to kids, the blue one goes just a little bit faster than the large red ones).

I know I was a little tired by this time but Jayden was still so excited to be at Tanaka Farms. Every turn there was something fun for him to try. We then went to the arts and crafts section to paint. You could pick from picture frames, a bird feeder, even a wooden mask but Jayden wanted the bird feeder so he could hang it up at home. I believe this costs about 4 tickets to paint, while I took a rest.

Now it was time to go vegetable picking. We had an orange day pass so we were able to pick 4 of each vegetable a piece. There was an attendant there to help us dig, we didn't bring a shovel or a bag, we now to bring a bag next time.
We were able to pick carrots, onions, radishes and beans. The onions were a hit because Jayden knew once he picked them from the ground that this was what mommy used when making gravy for smothered pork chops, yeah I knew that meant work for me but we were both happy to have fresh onions to use.

Next is was PUMPKIN TIME. Time to pick our very own pumpkin. We had to search out and find the best pumpkin of all times, lol. Jayden is a very picky pumpkin picker. After about 20 minutes of searching we found 2 that made the cut. We took it to the check out to see which one was under 20 pounds, that was out orange day pass sticker limit.
At check out there were so many things to get like corn, pumpkin carvers, bread and so much more. I ended up getting our Nana some squaw bread and me some apple cinnamon raisin bread made by Old-Town Baking Co. (Together was about $8).

All in all Tanaka Farms was a joy. We are anticipating coming back for Strawberry Season which will resume March 2016.

(Vegetables all cleaned at home and ready to enjoy)

*I was too tired to do the tracker ride and the pumpkin cannon. Next time though, next time for sure! lol
Parking was free, get there early to get a good spot.
Porta-Potty restrooms in the front.
Petting zoo in the front.
Orange sticker day passes are the BEST!!!

 Flawlessly Freckled Family & Travel