Kristin Vukovic | 11:27 AM, Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The most and least fashionable cities in America

Here at Bundle, we wanted to determine which U.S. cities were the most and least fashionable. One might expect trendsetting New York City and fashion-forward Los Angeles to top the list, but we wanted to use our data to see where big cities really ranked on our fashion meter.

To do this, we selected the 50 largest cities by population in our data set and created a fashion-conscious index, with 1.0 being average. We based our index on the percentage of "fashion-conscious households" in our sample, which we defined as households that had at least four transactions at top-end designer merchants in the past 30 months.

Coming in at an unexpected number one was Irvine, CA, which ranked nearly four times above the U.S. average in clothing spending. Home of the OC and one of the richest cities in America, Irvine residents can certainly afford those designer duds...