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The world's UFOlogists have come together for the first to display their personal collections of artifacts, including images and recordings, in persuasion of the existence of extraterrestrial life - and this exhibition will open its doors to the public in Anaheim at the GardenWalk on January 1.
The exhibition, entitled "Encounters: UFO Experience," is being presented by The Event Agency, and will feature more than 200 artifacts, conceptual models, documented film clips and recordings, all in support of other life forms through ancient encounters to modern day sightings.

"For the first-time, people will be able experience a comprehensive and in-depth look at
alien encounters all in one place," said Brian Bouquet of The Event Agency, the company
responsible for developing the exhibition. "The unique and extraordinary content in our galleries
have been provided by UFOlogists from around the world, over decades of time. Without the
resources of these private collectors, this exhibition would not be possible. We plan to keep
Encounters dynamic and fresh, so we'll always be looking for more contributions to the story it

The exhibition, located at 321 West Katella, Suite 132, in Anaheim, will feature seven
galleries that will showcase theories such as the military's role in modern sightings, pop culture's
fascination with extraterrestrial life and personal accounts of alien meetings. Interactive aspects
of the exhibition will enable visitors to personally experience an alien abduction that is based on
observations and reports from alien abductees.

Encounters will allow visitors to learn more about the evidence surrounding famous UFO
events in places like Area 51 and Roswell, and to reach their own conclusions about the many
conspiracy theories swirling around such events. In addition, the exhibition's abduction
experience will provide site, sound and sensory involvement in a one-of-a-kind interactive
experience based on the compilation of thousands of eye witness accounts of alien abductions.

The space travel gallery provides an impressive tour of past and present propulsion
systems and how they have contributed to modern day space programs. Science Fiction will also
get its time in the spotlight as the Pop Culture gallery brings visitors face to face with replicas of
props from Hollywood productions about extraterrestrial life like ET, Close Encounters Of The
Third Kind, and Men In Black.

"We expect ‘Encounters' to be a very popular attraction at the Garden Walk in Anaheim,"
said Bouquet. "Whether you're a science fact or a science fiction fan or just curious about
intergalactic travel and its implications for the people of earth, you'll find this exhibition to be
immersive, entertaining and very, very memorable."

The family-friendly exhibition will be open Tuesday through Sunday. Adult tickets cost
$12, and children cost $8 - there is also a guided audio tour, which costs an additional $2.
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