Orange County Register
By Adam Probolsky 

Who vacations in Irvine? The Feintuchs do.

Eleven year-old Benjy and his father waited patiently in the wood paneled sub-lobby at the Honda Center in Anaheim. They had just seen a very exciting Ducks victory over the Colorado Avalanche that featured two goals by #9, Bobby Ryan. The Feintuch family, including mom, dad, and four kids all under age 12 had come to Orange County from New Jersey on vacation. The Anaheim Ducks were a big draw - Benjy plays ice hockey and wanted to see Bobby Ryan (a New Jersey native) play.

During their week-long trip, the Feintuch's stayed a couple of nights at the Hyatt Regency Irvine, then moved to a hotel in Los Angeles and then made the trek back down to Anaheim...