I'm the kind of parent who's usually two steps behind new & cool party ideas, but this time I finally threw a cool birthday party theme for my son, without getting the idea from another kid's party. Woot! This is also the first party where I was actually planning on having fun, too, instead of just running around organizing party games, passing out cake and goodie bags.

Indoor go kart racing at the Irvine K1 Speed would be the destination for my son's birthday party. I have a bit of a lead foot and have to continually control my need for speed as I drive the family taxi around town, so at K1 Speed I got to let out my wild side and put petal to the metal...all under the guise of being an awesome mom throwing my son a rad party for his closest pals.

K1 Party

 K1 Speed is not your little party theme company whose sole purpose is to crank out as many cookie cutter parties as possible. This is where the big kids play. And by ‘big kid' I mean anyone from third grader to corporate CEO. It's a real indoor racing experience. You get instruction, helmet, a racing head sock and you are on your way to becoming a racer!

K1 CorpAnd here's the big bonus:  I learned the Irvine location has corporate facilities for events and team building experiences. I plan a lot of corporate events and I am so impressed with all that K1 Speed has to offer. There's a great meeting room that features wireless internet connections and 110″ display screens perfect for presentations.  There are also catering options to keep coworkers' satisfied while watching those PowerPoint presentations.  After your rock star presentation you can impress your boss on the track.  The race packages are perfect for racing against co-workers at speeds approaching 40mph in the electric karts It's an exhilarating and unforgettable way to bring fun to your business offsite meetings and team building exercises. So, as you plan your next corporate meeting in Irvine, let K1 Speed give your event the checkered flag treatment.