When I was a kid, I was a bit of a bug collector. My friends and I would collect ladybugs, ants, snails, roly pulleys- you name it. If we could trap it in a little container, we were interested. These days, I spend more time avoiding bugs then I do collecting them but I still admit to having a bit of a fascination with those tiny little critters.  In the spirit of Halloween, Pretend City Children's Museum has tapped into little tykes' fascination with creepy crawlies and put together the Bug Bog Scavenger Hunt.

 Bug Bog Dr Strangebug

Bug bogDr. Strangebug will serve as your child's guide through this fun scavenger hunt designed specifically for young children as they explore eight different bug-themed areas and look for them in simulated habitats. The bugs that your kids will encounter on their hunt are plastic which takes away the creepy factor and allows for plenty of hands-on exploration.  Kids will love searching for critters in a log, a cave, the water, and even the desert.  At the end of their hunt, children will be excited to discover a wall of terrariums featuring actual, real live bugs!  Kids can get eye to eye with everything from meal worms to millipedes.  They will also be thrilled to take home a set of trading cards featuring the very bugs they hunted for in the Bug Bog. 

If your family can't make it out in time for Bug Bog, there is still plenty to get excited about at Pretend City.  As the name implies, this children's museum allows little kids to play grownup as they shop in a pretend grocery store, build a pretend home, serve Mommy food at the pretend restaurant (currently sponsored by Wahoo's, an Orange County fish taco institution), create art in the art studio, perform on the music stage, or cruise in little foot-powered cars all over the city. Kids, ages 2-7 in particular, find the place irresistible. In addition to all the permanent exhibits, the museum also plays host to special activities and events throughout the year, from Christmas to Chinese New Year. 

Pretend City

The Pretend City Bug Bog is open for exploration now through October 31st and is $3.00 for the first child, $2.00 for the second, and $1.00 for the third tyke in your brood. Mom and Dad are free.