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Does this holiday season have you feeling like a dog (or Reindeer?) chasing its tail due to the amount of events to attend and shopping, wrapping, and labeling you have to undertake? The best way to find the calm within and after the storm is to take time for yourself to maintain mental and physical health; after-all, you can't help and give to others unless you help yourself first. Sure, it seems like there isn't enough time in the day to do every little thing that 'needs to be done' and before we know it, it's going to be the New Year, but why not try our Top Five Wellness Ways that range from simple to a bit more pampering that may just put the cheer back into your holiday season.

 TOP FIVE WAYS to help with a Stress-Free Holiday Season (and the NEW YEAR)

1. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can instantly put your mind at ease with a scent. Scents and fragrances are a memory trigger, so pick a smell that brings back your favorite memory! You don't need to go over the top and purchase a slew of essential oils; here's how oils can be used in your home:

a) Squeeze a couple drops into a cotton ball and inhale

b) Use a diffuser, which either dispenses the oil into the air with a vapour or sits in a clay or ceramic holder and is heated by a tea light

c) Use with a humidifier, but do not put the oil in or on the humidifier, just add a couple drops of the oil into a cloth and place in front of the steam that is exiting 

d) Pour hot water into a bowl and place a couple droplets into the water and let the aroma fill the room

Scents that are known to be relaxing are Lavender, Basil and Ylang-Ylang. When I want to wind down but also feel refreshed, I use a Lavender and Orange Oil Spray that I quickly spritz around the room. Yes, you can combine scents and yes, oils do come in a spray form as well!

Too much hassle? Just burn a candle, and get into the holiday mood with a spiced scent!


2. Take a Soothing Bath

Your muscles are sore, joints are aching, and you've either been running around all day or sitting down at a desk or in traffic. At the end of the day, go home and draw a bath, enhancing the water for more of a spa setting by adding essential oils, flower petals, or bath salts; before submerging yourself into the water, grab a washcloth and run under hot water, ring it out so it's slightly damp and place over your eyes or behind your neck while soaking in the bath! Light candles and dim or turn off the lights for an extra soothing, deep relaxation.


3. Meditate...and take a Deep Breath

One of the easiest things you can feed your body to feel refreshed is oxygen. If you can, go outside and take deep breaths and stretch your limbs. 

If you are just waking up or about to go to bed, find a comfortable and preferably open space, take a seat and let your body be still as you focus on your breathing, clearing out any of the clutter in your mind, then easing into meditation by saying positive things or your own mantra. I also like to say affirmations about myself and that I can totally' DO THIS' or 'TACKLE THIS SITUATION', and 'I AM GREAT'! 


4. Exercise...Get Moving!

You don't need to get into cardio-mode to get exercise, just move! It's quite nice to be residing in an area where we can enjoy mother nature's gifts of the canyon trails and sandy beaches. Go for a hike, walk, jog, or run on a trail, the sand, or around your neighborhood. Don't forget ear-buds and a music player for some tunes. Add an extra workout with dumbbells or add in some moves like lunges, squats, or knee lifts. Pinterest is great for exercise ideas! Of course, if you have your favorite workout, stick to it! And everyone, don't forget to stretch!


5. Chiropractic Adjustment & a Therapeutic Massage

I usually didn't see my chiropractor to get an adjustment unless I have been experiencing the most immense back pain. After dancing for many years and going through all sorts of injuries, I've come to realize the importance of caring for and maintaining my overall wellness by seeing a chiropractor to get aligned and receive massage therapy on a more regular basis to avoid injuries. Although everyones' bodies are different, spine alignment is key in being able to properly carry out daily activities; if your spine is slightly tweaked to one side and you constantly are sitting at a desk or are ultra active and continually put stress on your bones and muscles; the pressure can build and start to negatively affect the nerves that operate your tissues and organs. Did you know that there is a wellness center located right here in Irvine that can treat your discomforts?

Pacific Spine & Sports is a boutique holistic wellness center that  has been dedicated to delivering quality treatment for patients to recover quickly and be able to regain a healthy, active lifestyle. Owned and operated by Dr. Anne Dinhluu, the wellness center, much like the ambiance of a spa, offers a wide range of services by the chiropractors, massage and physical therapists, a dietitian, acupuncturist, and personal trainer on staff. PSS is currently working on a 6-Week Wellness Program that encompasses all aspects of lifestyle; nutrition, weight, and overall body health from the inside out; that is set to launch in the new year! 

In the meantime, if you want to experience what Pacific Spine & Sports has to offer, check out their website, facebook, or give them a call and take advantage of a one-time FREE consultation with Dr. Anne as well as an introductory 1-hour massage for only $39! Give yourself the gift of a well-balanced lifestyle.

Pacific Spine & Sports
3 Corporate Park Suite 168
Irvine, CA 92606 


Call the number above or go online to make an appointment!

PSS accepts all PPO insurance, but please call the office to verify acceptance of your insurance carrier. Cash rate is available for those without insurance.

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