OK, ladies. Has this ever happened to you?

Hyatt Irvine Women's Experience 


You’re traveling alone and find that your hotel room is at the far end of a dimly lit hallway, right next to the exit stairwell.

You try to get a light bite to eat but the hotel restaurant specializes in super-sized steaks with heavily-loaded baked potatoes.

You spend the next hour unpacking all of your gear which includes your laptop, blow dryer, and exercize weights only to realize that your cell phone is dead because you’ve forgotten the charger.

Finally, you decide to cash it in for the day only to drown in an oversized robe which appears to be made for Shaquille O’Neal.

Hyatt Women's Experience

In order to meet the unique requirements of their female guests, Hyatt Regency Irvine has begun to look at travel from a woman’s point of view.



“For Hyatt to become a better brand for women, we realized we needed to become part of the overarching travel experience and remove the barriers that women experience when they travel.” said Sara Kearney, senior vice president of brands for Hyatt Hotels & Resorts.


The result is the Hyatt Women’s Experience Program, a multi-faceted service approach to meeting the unique needs of the female guest.


 A Sense of Security:

Women who check in to the Hyatt Regency Irvine are offered rooms that are in the safest parts of the hotel; away from elevators and emergency exit stairwells.

Hyatt Women's Experience 

Cleanliness and Communication:

Hand written cards in the room will show personal confirmation that the room has been cleaned. Guests are also encouraged to give feedback and specific requests during their stay.

hyatt women's Experience 

Hyatt Has It:

Guests have the opportunity to borrow or buy a wide range of travel conveniences. Everything from chargers and curling irons to humidifiers and yoga mats are available.

Simply fill out the in-room request card and items will be left in a bag outside the door. 


Little Things Mean a Lot:

Carolyn Pearson, founder of travel website Maiden Voyage, states that “one thing that differentiates women from men is we react with our senses, and we’re wired to pay much more attention to cleanliness, smells, aesthetics, fabrics, tastes and sounds,” she says. “It’s the details that we notice.”

Hyatt Irvine Women's Experience

Hyatt is addressing this with new Healthy Balance Menu that includes fresh juices and smoothies, balanced portions and “create your own” options.

6ix Park Grill continues its tradition of offering California Coastal Cuisine, thoughtfully sourced and carefully served. A variety of portion sizes allows the diner to create the perfect plate that is individually suited to their dietary needs.


Guests will also receive upgraded bath amenities from KenetMD Skin Care, Le Labo, June Jacobs and Aromapothecary, after the hotel chain listened to women express their desire for high quality toiletries that help them look and feel their best. Even the bathrobes are smaller to better suit the female guest.

hyatt Irvine Women's Experience

The Hyatt Regency-Irvine may not turn a business trip into a spa vacation...

 ....but the Women’s Experience program goes a long way to recreate the comforts of home.


Hyatt Irvine Women's Experience  







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