stax2Join Stax Cookie Bar tomorrow Saturday 10/18 from 10am-Midnight in Irvine at the University Center across from UC Irvine in celebration of their Grand Opening! Enjoy Stax's delicious in-house and daily fresh baked cookies or  kick it up a notch with ice cream in a variety of Fosselman's Ice Cream flavors; or combine both for a 'Sweet Stax' ice cream sandwich. Stax also offers signature desserts such as the Smookie (a reinvented sundae) and Affogato (a match made in ice cream and espresso heaven). 20% of sales during the grand opening celebration will be donated to the Irvine Public School Foundation; delicious treats and supporting our school community, it doesn't get better than that! 

All cookies are made with certified organic and gluten-free flour, and other premium ingredients; vegan cookies are available as well. I got to experience Stax Cookie Bar last weekend when they had members of the media stop in during a family & friends training day. I was assisted by Denise, and I needed assistance because I just didn't know where to begin with selecting cookies and ice cream flavors. I ended up scarfing down a Maple Bacon Cookie with Espresso Coffee 'Sweet Stax' Ice Cream Sandwich and an absolutely divine Affogato (I chose vanilla ice cream with espresso poured over). Passer-byers were able to taste Stax Cookie Bar's cookie offerings with samples passed out by Brennan and Spenser. Don't they look great in their cookie uniforms? Can you believe that there are 4,000 ice cream sandwich combinations possible? You can even select two different types of cookies to make a sandwich.

Read more about Stax Cookie Bar here and see the flyer below for more details on the grand opening festivities! 

IPSF stax flyer
Images taken by feastfashionfaves, flyer from stax cookie bar