Hotel Irvine is the city's newest and brightest hotel star, designed to offer guests an innovative personal travel experience while still providing all the comforts of home.

Hotel IrvineLifestyle hotels are designed to provide guests with what they've left behind at home. They offer every convenience necessary to get the job done as well as a comfortable place to relax and unwind at the end of the day. 

Hotel Irvine at Jamboree Center has been meticulously planned to be a home away from home.

Hotel Irvine Mosaic 2

Home.... where you can stop by the food market and pick up something light and simple, like a freshly-made salad or a few street tacos for dinner instead of a heavy, traditional room service meal. MARKETPLACE

Home.... where you can catch the game at the neighborhood gastropub and have a craft beer and burger made just the way you like it. Maybe a plate of chicken and waffles... EATS KITCHEN and BAR

Home.... where you can treat yourself to a mixologist's cocktail creation while you relax and review the day with a few friends from work. RED BAR and LOUNGE

Hotel Irvine's "HI" experience is personal at every touch point, with all the usual offerings found in a typical hotel, yet in an entirely new way.

Think of it as spending a few days with a friend: one who makes sure you have what you need when you need it, who remembers what you liked the last time you visited, and who is happy to pick you up at the airport for free.

Hotel Irvine

A friend would never charge you to use Wi-Fi, or expect you to pay a service fee when they bring food to your room.

A friend welcomes you warmly when you arrive, makes sure you have everything you need for the evening and then prepares a tasty, light breakfast to start your day.

A friend would certainly never charge you for water in your room. 

As part of the overall transformation of the hotel, all 536 rooms and suites have been completely renovated. 

Hotel IrvineThe remodel is not about just paint, carpet and furnishings, it's about creating a comfortable, private, place to take a load off after the day and lay your head at night.  The décor is subtle, sleek and modern with bright color accents.  Each room has wireless blue tooth connections, a 42" flat screen and a "REACH ME"  text concierge app for the things that you just can't live without.  

Hotel Irvine is an oasis that balances the convenience of travel services with the splurge of a vacation getaway, all with an affordable price that will fit within a traveler's budget. 

Hip and Helpful. Fun yet Functional.

There may be no place like home, but Hotel Irvine offers the next best thing.

Hotel Irvine
 Contact at 888.230.4452

17900 Jamboree Rd, Irvine, CA 92614