I was beyond excited to get to experience Painting & Vino at the Balboa Inn in Newport Beach. It's fun to do this on your own or with friends, and not only are you learning to paint a beautiful rendition of artwork but you get to enjoy dinner and drinks (each location varies on what is available for eating/drinking). The event lasted 3 hours but it went by so quickly and I wanted to keep painting. I painted a version of Monet's Japanese Bridge and it was great to see how each person's painting varied and yet they all resembled Monet's painting. 

The trick? Our instructor Victoria took us through a kind of 'painting-by-numbers' sequence to map out where we would be painting certain landmarks before filling it in with brush strokes to create Monet's masterpiece! Victoria elaborated on brush techniques, painting tips (she's quite funny as well), and she had two assistants to help with the class. 

It was a little difficult to eat due to space restraints BUT I must say I was very thankful to get to eat dinner since my stomach was grumbling. I proudly have my painting hanging on my wall and can't wait to do Painting & Vino again!

This is the best creative, artsy, social, yummy activity to take party in for some evening fun. Locations include Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and Huntington Beach; a mere 10-20 minutes from Irvine. 

The schedule is usually released a couple weeks before the start of the month, and let me tell you that spots fill up FAST! Painting & Vino fans or new students stay posted to see which classes are released and snag the painting class that they want to take right away.  Classes are $45 each (3 hours), and do not include food and drinks; and if you're on the mailing list, you'll receive discounts and updates to your email inbox. 

Now let your inner artist shine with Painting & Vino!