Only in Irvine: GaufreeAt Gaufree, the waffle sandwiches come with more than just a side of fries.

They come with an attitude.

Only in Irvine: GaufreeAs soon as you enter the restaurant at Westpark Plaza you can feel it.

From the positive affirmations on the wall to the fresh, organic ingredients in the food.

Everything at Gaufree is about celebrating what's good.  

Only in Irvine: Gaufree

Only in Irvine: Gaufree

Chef and Owner, Paul Hortobagyi opened Gaufree in September of 2013 after seven years as General Manager of the JW Marriott Hotel in Santa Monica.

Hortobagyi matched his spirit of adventure with his training in culinary arts. The result was Gaufree Artisan Waffle Sandwiches.The name, pronounced "go free," symbolizes the philosophy behind the restaurant.

"GAUFRE in French means Waffle," explains Hortobagyi.  "We have added an extra "e" on the end in order to encourage people to GO FREE: of pesticides, processed food, anger, prejudice, your car every other Sunday,  etc."

Freedom is all about choices, and the varied menu of inventive sandwich and salad options has plenty to choose from.

Like marinated, slow-cooked, pulled pork served with Boston coleslaw, homemade BBQ sauce and a side of horseradish yogurt.

Or a grass-fed burger covered in port-wine caramelized onions, melted Gorgonzola and Gaufree sauce.

Maybe a kale salad with fresh cucumbers, thai basil, red beets, roasted peanuts and goat cheese?

And for dessert, Nutella madness with sliced bananas and whipped cream.

only in irvine: gaufree

When it was time to choose the perfect home for his new restaurant concept, Paul Hortobagyi picked Irvine because of the highly-educated population.

"We felt that the sophistication and eating habits of Irvine residents would be a good fit," he said. "They are more likely to see the benefits of organic greens, free range chicken, grass fed beef, fair trade organic coffee; giving their children sodas free of high fructose syrup sodas etc."

Only in Irvine: Gaufree

Now, Irvine is home to Gaufree's special brand of freedom.  

Freedom from boring, tasteless, unimaginative fast food.

Freedom from unhealthy restaurant meals.

Freedom to enjoy what's good in life, like a bowl of fresh ice cream for dessert or a good conversation with a new friend.

Go to Gaufree and experience this freedom for yourself.

Only in Irvine: Gaufree 3851-A Alton Parkway, Irvine, CA 92606