tissuaerial fitness oc

Are you tired of the gym, looking to mix up your workout routine, or just want to get into a fitness activity? Well, I've experienced and found the perfect workout that you will want to try out, Aerial Fitness Orange County in Costa Mesa! Aerial Fitness OC offers a fantastic body strengthening and core intensive workout by using silks (tissu), lyra (hoop), and trapeze.

After just taking one class, I instantly gained better body awareness and felt how much I had used my arms, upper body and abdominal area while using the silks (evidence in the soreness I had the next day that lasted a week and a half). I have a dance background and therefore had more strength in my legs and lower body, but don't get me wrong, I still had the most intense but fun workout of my life. 

My class was taught by Aerial Fitness OC owner Doug and he was really great! At first, using the silks or anything else hanging from the ceiling can seem daunting. I don't have a fear of heights, but I did have a preconceived notion in my mind that mastering even just climbing up the silks would be difficult because I've seen aerialists perform amazing tricks that seem impossible for me to ever master unless I received lots of training. 

Lucky me, I climbed up the silks quite easily and quickly with Doug's guidance and also was able to do the splits (and invert that position), hold poses, and learn to control my body movements as I got into a position and transitioned to the next position. 

I took the class with two friends so it was a great class dynamic and made it easy to focus on the skills we were being taught. The classes max out at 6 and usually average 4 students a class so you get great individual attention. 

Aerial Fitness OC borders Irvine, so it's just a hop skip and jump away! Come take a class at Aerial Fitness Orange County! Kids, Teens & Adults Welcome:
151 Kalmus Dr, J-7 Costa Mesa, California
(949) 631-5587

Parking: Parking Lot
The studio is located behind the dance studio Dance Asylum (you walk through the main studio to get to the room where the aerial classes are held. This room can also be accessed from the other side of the building through the service doors.
The studio can be tricky to find within the business complex so be sure to clarify with the Aerial Fitness OC Staff!
There are 1 Class Drop in Rates as well as Packages, contact the studio for more information and how to register!