The Irvine community inaugurated (by Mayor Steven Choi) the start to the demolition of the historic runways of the El Toro MarineCorps Air Station at the Orange County Great Park this past Tuesday October 7th; putting in motion for the $250-million improvement program which will expand the OC Great Park another 688 acres bringing a variety of new sports, recreational, and environmental amenities to Orange County.

Attendees of the groundbreak ceremony celebrated with complimentary food and desserts from food trucks and an awesome concert by Kenny Loggins. The kids were able to dance, run around and play soccer on the massive laid out green turf rugs. 

"When fully implemented, the park improvements will include a 176-acre sports park, a 41-acre wooded Bosque area, a 185-acre public golf course with practice facility and clubhouse, a 36-acre upper Bee Canyon as well as a 178-acre wildlife corridor. All of the amenities will be provided at no public expense by FivePoint. In addition, FivePoint is providing funding necessary to study additional park amenities. "

 Info Source / Images Courtesy of FFF