Families, bikes, dogs, and joggers flock to the Jeffrey Open Space Trail for outdoor exercise and fun. This 2 1/2 mile urban trail parallels Jeffrey Road and is paved with wide cement paths interwoven with dirt trails. Bridges and tunnels span road crossings making this a safe path to enjoy. Grassy fields, dry and rocky creeks, and natural plants create a beautiful stretch of nature. 

The Jeffrey Open Space Trail

The hidden gems of the Jeffrey Open Space Trail are the historical elements preserved and highlighted along the path. A grove of orange trees send their sweet-scented flowers on the breeze and are there to remind us of the fields of citrus that used to cover Southern California. Wooden beams stand upright, marking the location of the Irvine Valencia Growers Packing House. This historical building was built in 1929 and was the spot where oranges from the Irvine Ranch were cleaned, labeled, and shipped on trains. Walk along the trail and get a lesson in history as a timeline marks the 500 years of the development of Irvine starting in 1510 with the arrival of Spanish explorers.

A Sign Along the Jeffrey Open Space Trail

You may find yourself returning here, again and again, to soak in the beauty as the community of Orange County comes to enjoy this section of their backyard. Keep an ear out for the many languages you may hear spoken by friends and neighbors here in Irvine.  Whether you ride bikes, walk the dog, jog, or enjoy a stroll with the kids, you will find the beauty and fun of this urban trail.

Green Space Along the Jeffrey Open Space Trail