By Demea Metcalf, Director of Sales, Destination Irvine 

Beth Santos & Demea Metcalf

I feel like I won the lottery to spend a weekend with a celebrity - Beth Santos, Founder of Wanderful, a women travel blogger community, came to Irvine to check out the scene before her Women in Travel Summit happens in March next year - WITS 2016. She was so totally adorable, I would make a suggestion on where to go next, and Beth would say, "Sounds good to me, I'm in" and off we would go to explore all that Destination Irvine has to offer.

Irvine is the perfect jumping off spot for all that a Southern California lifestyle can sport, so being at the center of Orange County has its perks. We hung out at the Irvine Spectrum Center and tried the new Cream store - to die for ice cream sandwiches - and a word of caution, take your own spoon because you're not going to be able to get your mouth around one of those bad boys to take a bite! Then we crossed over the freeway and into the OC Great Park for a peak at the Great Park Balloon and the Zine Library and local art gallery. We ran across food trucks galore with the soccer fields in full swing and Beth didn't even blink an eye as I took her hand to hand write a mustache on it to pose in front of Mustache Mike's to mimic a picture at the Hotel Irvine, her posh residence for the trip. What a good sport, and the perfect doll to party pic around town.

Beth's WITS attendees will get to come and enjoy the mountains to the sea just like you and I do every day. So until then, I can't wait to see my new best bud again to share all the great adventure options that Irvine can come up with between now and then!