There is a new Chinese restaurant in town, quickly making its presence known within the community. Located in the ever bustling Orange Tree Square Shopping Center, home to Ranch 99 Market, Tai Chi Cuisine opened on September 20, 2014 and is already making strides at separating itself from the pack. The ambiance at Tai Chi Cuisine immediately tells guests that this is one Chinese restaurant that is not trying to be like all the rest. Unlike many little restaurants where the ambiance feels more like a dingy afterthought, Tai Chi welcomes guests with a light and welcoming atmosphere, complete with modern furnishings and an open kitchen. The restaurant is owned by the Chow family, immigrants who came to this country with a deep desire to share food from their home region, Tianjin, outside of Bejing. Most days you will find Mrs. Chow busy in the kitchen, taking time to greet her customers with a kind and welcoming smile.

Tai Chi specializes in many things, including their dumplings. Thick, chewy, and full of flavor, their steamed buns are can't be missed. I had the opportunity to try beef, pork, cabbage, and seafood, and found all of them to be delicious but the pork bun holds an extra special place in my heart.  

Tai Chi Noodles

Tai Chi's noodle dishes are another item that can't be missed. Served piping hot in a rich beefy tomato broth, the beef noodle soup with grains warms up the entire body, making it especially enjoyable on a cold winter day. Mrs. Chow reports that their Tianjin northern-style noodles are well-liked UCby  Irvine students. The restaurant's freshly squeezed juices are equally popular, as their prices- typically just $7-10 for most entrees. 


Tai Chi Cuisine

5414 Walnut Ave.