Irvine is home to many great things: incredible weather, great outdoor opportunities, a wide variety of ethnic food options, and some of the safest streets in the country. It is also the headquarters of many businesses we patronize all the time. So who sets up shop in all those unassuming white buildings inside Irvine's large business parks? Here are ten corporations that call Irvine home.

Taco BellTaco Bell: They serve 2 billion people inside 5,800 restaurants across the country and made a talking chihuahua with an affinity for tacos a super star. You would be hard pressed to find anyone in America who doesn't know Taco Bell. All the big decisions for this fast food giant are made inside Taco Bells' Irvine headquarters. Fun fact: Taco Bell's biggest competitor on the West Coast, Del Taco, has its headquarters in Lake Forest, Irvine's neighbor to the south.

Blizzard Entertainment: Founded by three UCLA graduates in the early 1990's, Blizzard Entertainment is video game development company behind the wildly popular Warcraft and Starcraft game series.

Boost Mobile: Boost sells pay-as-you-go cell phones and contract-free wireless plans which are particularly popular with the younger set. Boost Mobile employees enjoy some fun perks, including video games in the break area and the ability to bring Fido to work any time they want!

St. John Knits: Fashionistas know St. John for its lines of clothing featuring classic lines and signature primary colors. This designer of high end garments has been in business for over 50 years and is popular with business women around the globe.

O'Neill Clothing: Back in 1952, Jack O'Neill set up a surf shop inside a garage by the beach, selling wetsuits made out of a new material called neoprene. These days, O'Neill makes much more than wetsuits and the brand's clothing line has become popular all over the country. Employees of O'Neill love shopping in their very own company store which offers deep discounts on the brand coveted by surfers and land lovers alike.

In-N-OutIn-N-Out Burgers: There is no burger chain more beloved by Californians than In-N-Out. We love ordering our double double's with grilled onions, asking for Neapolitan shakes, and requesting our fries cooked "well". None of these options are actually on the menu, but being in the know is half the fun. In-N-Out is known for its simple menu (burgers, fries, shakes, and soft drinks), friendly service, and commitment to quality and many out-of-state visitors don't consider their California vacation complete until they have gotten their In-N-Out fix.

Edwards Lifesciences: Heart disease is big business. Nearly 1 million people suffer heart attacks each year and almost 100,000 heart valves are replaced by surgeons annually. One of the largest employers in Irvine, Edwards Lifesciences, is a producer of heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring. As a matter of fact, the first heart valve was developed in 1958 by Miles Edwards himself and resulting technology has saved countless lives. Today Edwards Lifesciences does business in 100 countries across the globe.

BotoxAllergan: Got Botox? Who knew a syringe full of botulism would prove to be so popular with people trying to look younger? Allergan makes Botox and several other pharmaceutical products including artificial tears and the Lap-band, an adjustable gastric band used for weight loss.  

Yard House Restaurants: Have you ever felt like beer was meant to be served in glasses much larger than a pint? Well the folks behind the Yard House chain certainly thought so, and named their restaurant brand after the 3-foot-tall glass containers used by British stagecoach drivers after a long journey by horse drawn carriage. At Yard House you can order any of the dozens of brews on tap in a 3-foot glass or just keep things simple and stick with the traditional pint. But don't just fill up on beer while you there. Order a pizza, snack on some ahi poke, indulge in a rack of ribs, or nibble on a couple street tacos.

Toshiba America Business Solutions: Toshiba is a massive company known for making computers, medical equipment, and household appliances. And while Toshiba's global headquarters are in Japan, Toshiba America Business Solutions is operating independently right here in Irvine. Go Green: In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, Toshiba installed a solar panel canopy structure over the facility's parking lot.