Are you ready to experience Orange County's first interactive pop up museum?! Cheat Day Land is giving you an excuse to indulge and celebrate in all things cheat food and desserts inspired with their experiential space overflowing with fun, vibrant photos ops and tasty looking activities. Located at the Irvine Spectrum Center, guests are taken on an exciting tour through various food realms - have a sword fight with oversized french fries, jump on a pancake stack trampoline, do a little dance while wearing a donut floatie, or even lift donut and cinnamon bun dumbells and weights. There's so much to explore and take in, it's sure to be a fun time for everyone of all ages!

I loved how open the space felt when I entered the first room, which you get to spend 30 minutes in. This large room is broken up into smaller stalls filled with different artwork and themes, and there are a ton of photo props you can utilize as well. Next you are taken into the Donut Gym which features a donut box you can pose in, donut swings you can sit on and gently swing around on, donut and cinnamon bun dumbells, and a squat press weighed down by cookies and oreos. Following the donut gym is an oversized cereal bowl that you can get into, then a cinema/music inspired room and a chocolate room. One of the climactic moments of the overall experience includes a food mountain that you get to "climb", I say "climb" in quotes because it's a fun illusion that you get to take part in. Before ending your Cheat Day Land experience, you get to enjoy a tasty treat (we devoured an ice cream bar and caffeinated ourselves with Monster Energy's Caffé Monster - treats change based on sponsors and availability); then you exit out by sliding down a slide. You will really be amazed by how many photo spots there are, keep scrolling down to see more and a video from my visit. 

Quick Tips

  • Get Tickets Online (see link below⁠—kids under 4 get in free)
  • Bring Your ID on your entrance day
  • Be sure to wear socks if you want to take advantage of the trampoline, cereal bowl and climbing the food mountain
  • Getting ready to take a bunch of photos, video and boomerangs - the tour guide is helpful in capturing your photos, etc
  • Don't bring bulky bags or strollers into the exhibit with you

CHEAT DAY LAND is an interactive pop-up museum that celebrates the connection between art and food.

The concept of the museum comes from people who share a love for food and art and includes unique installations from Los Angeles based artists. Founder and creative
director, Rubi Rymenmy was inspired by Japan's interactive museums to mix immersive art with all of her favorite "Cheat Day" foods. Rubi's family owns Art Flying Aerial fitness studio, an aerial and circus school.

Cheat Day Land is a place where kids can have fun and adults can release their inner child.

700 Spectrum Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92618


Cheat Day Land Irvine Donut Weight Front
Cheat Day Land Irvine Burger Wall
Cheat Day Land Running Food Wall
Cheat Day Land Donut Floaties
Cheat Day Land Sweet Dreams Neon Sign
Cheat Day Land Metro City
Cheat Day Land Donut Box
Cheat Day Land in the Donut Box
Cheat Day Land Donut Ribbon Entryway
Cheat Day Land Donut Climbing Wall
Cheat Day Land Donut Barbell
Cheat Day Land Cookie Squat Press
Cheat Day Land Cereal Bowl Foam Pit
Cheat Day Land Oversized Cereal BowlCheat Day Land Cereal Bowl Letters
Cheat Day Land Cereal Box
Cheat Day Land Stressed is Desserts Spelled BackwardsCheat Day Land Cinema Wall
Cheat Day Land Abbey Road
Cheat Day Land Ice Cream Photo Prop
Cheat Day Land I Love You More Than ChocolateCheat Day Land Cake WallCheat Day Land Swirl
Cheat Day Land Chocolate Box
Cheat Day Land Pop Bottles
Cheat Day Land Food Mountain

Photos: Amanda N Hammond