CalSAE Mixology Recipes

Attendees of the ELEVATE 2012 Annual Conference on March 29th discovered their inner Mixologist!

Destination Irvine invited attendees to mix it up! The result - attendees created innovative signature drinks using popular liquors. Extra points were awarded for incorporating ingredients indigenous to Orange County and names indicative of Irvine!

Local bartenders served up the top three cocktails chosen by Destination Irvine to conference attendees who voted for their favorite.

Recipes for the top three drinks -


OC Mojito Spectacular

First muddle 2 orange slices and 2 lime slices with 10 or so mint leaves
2 dashes of Angostura Orange Bitters
2 oz. Bacardi O
1/8 oz. simple syrup
Shake well and top with sprite/white soda

Submitted by Barb Swaiman

Pink Dog On The Beach (Non-Alcoholic)

Line the rim of a tall wine glass (or champagne flute) with salt
Pour in grapefruit soda (Squirt or Fresca)
Add a splash of grenadine
Drop in a cherry (fresh, of course)
Perch a slender slice of lime on the rim

Submitted by Barbara Thompson  ​

In a champagne flute:

Sparkling wine
Splash of orange flavored Triple Sec
Splash of vanilla vodka
Sink a mandarin orange wedge

Submitted by Jeff Dougherty

Additional recipes submitted -

Creamy Southern California Sunset

5 oz. Orange juice
2 splashes - Grenadine syrup
1 splash - cherry juice
1 oz. of Milk or half/half
1 shot Southern Comfort
1 shot Skyy Vodka
Blend orange juice, shot of Skyy Vodka along with the shot of Southern Comfort and milk with ice. Blend until smooth, then add by splashing two dashes of grenadine and one dash of cherry juice into mixture on a lower blender setting using spurts or blasts only. Pour into a Chimney glass and top with an umbrella garnished with a cherry, orange slice and a splash of whip cream. If properly made it will look like a late afternoon sunset.

Submitted by Cherie Westbrook 

Irvine Unwind

Inspired by Irvine, California's historical connections to Spain and citrus crops. This white sangria is smoother and best served chilled, much like this Orange County destination is relative to the higher profile Los Angeles.

2 (750-ml) bottles of Albariño (a Spanish white wine) chilled
1 cup brandy, optional
2 navel oranges, sliced
1 lemon, sliced
1 lime, sliced
1/4 cup superfine sugar - sometimes sold as baker's sugar or castor sugar

In a sangria jar, pour the wine and brandy over the fruit and sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. Chill at least 30 minutes before guests arrive. Beside the bowl, provide a bucket of ice. Guests can fill glasses with ice before pouring sangria. This keeps servings chilled and avoids dilution of the entire recipe.

12-15 servings

Submitted by Rebecca Fong

OC Fresh Lemonade

2 oz. Absolute Mandarin
¼ oz. triple sec
Two lemons squeeze
Two orange squeeze
Topped with soda and sprite

Submitted by Barb Swaiman

OC Tourist Martini

2 oz. Gin
½ oz. Galliano
½ oz. Orange juice
Stir with ice to chill, strain into a chilled martini glass, garnish with curly citrus peels, especially delightful if served with a sprig of orange blossom next to the glass.

Submitted by Susanne White

Stagecoach Stu's Skiers Scrumptious Cookie

½ Baileys
½ Butterscotch Schnapps 
Very small amount of Goldschlager
Or other cinnamon liquor

Mix, pour, drink then "bake"

Submitted by Meliss Garramone

The Orange County Old Fashioned

(2) Luxardo Brandied Cherries
(1) Orange Slice
(2) Dashes of Fee Brothers Cherry Bitters
(1) Tbsp. of Luxardo Maraschino Liquor
(3) oz. Buffalo Trace Bourbon
Splash of Soda

In a bucket glass, Muddle the brandied cherries, orange slice and the cherry bitters. After muddling, add the maraschino liquor and the bourbon. Fill the glass with ice and add a splash of soda. Voila!

Submitted by Danae Sheehan

Tylenol 8

In a tall wine glass pour equal parts (prefer 2 oz. each)
Grand Marnier, Amaretto, Mount Gay Rum

Add Hot water
Add Orange spice tea bag (let steep)
Add a bit of honey and a lemon twist

This is also good for a cold...flu...bad day...fireplace evening...

Submitted by Travis Wills

Congratulations to Barb Swaiman the winner of the Destination Irvine Mixology Contest!
Barb received a gift basket filled with Orange County favorites!