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Autism Night / Sensitive Santa

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    Santa is coming to Pretend City Children’s Museum for Autism Night! Join us for this great opportunity to meet and tell Santa your holiday wish. Our “Sensitive Santa” visit and photo opportunity provides a sensory sensitive experience with low Christmas carols, dim lights, and trained Santa to ease some of the anxieties that may come with visiting Santa. This is a wonderful opportunity for grown-ups to capture photos of their child with Santa that might not be possible at a busy mall or crowded event. Don’t forget to bring a camera!

    Specifically, for: Children on the Autism Spectrum only.
    Sensitive Santa will be here from 5:30pm-7:00pm in a private room and see one family at a time.

    Grown-up Tip: Help create a positive and friendly Santa experience for your child. Make a picture book or visual schedule to prepare your child for the event. Provide a “First-Then” schedule that illustrates the reward your child will get after the Santa visit. You may also role play with your child to see how he or she can respond to questions that Santa may ask.

    RSVP: Register link to be provided at a later date