Hot Glass/OC Art Exhibit

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    An exhibition featuring the creative talents of professional Orange County artists specializing in the use of hot glass makes a luminous debut at John Wayne Airport in a new exhibit titled 'Hot Glass/OC.' 

    As guest curator for the exhibit, Antoinette Sullivan's career spans more than 30 years, curating art for prominent Orange County restaurants including Bistango and Bayside and assisting artists in promoting and exhibiting their art in alternative spaces. Understanding the challenge that artists encounter in finding opportunities to showcase their work, Sullivan assembles 17 professional artists in this unique exhibit featuring molten glass artwork.

    "Hot Glass is not a common medium of expression, and it requires remarkable creativity, patience, innovation, and passion," said Sullivan. "It is an honor to bring together a group of amazing artists and provide an opportunity for passengers to view vibrant artwork filled with color, shape, and imagination as they travel through the Terminal."

    Artists featured in the Hot Glass/OC exhibit include:

    Lawrence R. Armstrong

    Gina Lunn

    Mia Tavonatti

    Jill Cooper

    Jason and Nicole McQuaid

    Hiromi Takizawa

    Leslie Davis

    Jon Oakes

    David VanNoppen

    Craig French

    Siân Poeschl

    Elijah Wooldridge

    Gavin Heath

    Maggie Spencer


    Kent Kahlen

    Siemon & Salazar


    Hot glass art uses high temperatures that can reach up to 2,000° Fahrenheit. The viscous glass can be blown, sculpted, or cast molded to create sculptures, ornamental pieces, and more. Learn more about the artists and their work here: Hot Glass/OC.