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Livestream Event: Magic Up Close

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    This truly interactive 45+ minute performance by award-winning close-up magician, Jonathan Levit, will blow your mind. A thrilling show—it's unlike any televised performance by a magician. You know that there are no camera tricks, edits or special effects as it is happening live via Zoom.

    Penn & Teller describe Jonathan perfectly, calling him "funny, elegant, and disturbingly smart ... like something cuddly, with really sharp teeth.”

    Jonathan’s career as a magician, actor, television host, magic consultant and producer, spans nearly 40 years. On multiple occasions, he has graced the covers of MAGIC Magazine and Genii—the premier publications in the magic world.

    Levit is highly respected in all areas of magic, including sleight of hand, mentalism, and magic history. His work alongside Neil Patrick Harris, and his recreation on stage as Howard Thurston has gained him respect amongst his peers.

    In addition to performing throughout the world and on every continent (including Antarctica), Jonathan regularly offers lectures to magicians, discussing method, performance, and psychology. He has acted as host and emcee for Magic Live!—the premier magic convention in the world—in front of thousands of magicians gathering in Las Vegas.