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    Join us on Memorial Day to honor the fallen heroes of our military. We will host a morning Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence to pay our respects. Pretend City will be open a full day today so bring your family to celebrate and play with us!

    Purpose Behind the Play: Practice with prosocial skills, emotional expression, math cognition, language development, and locomotor development

    Smart Art (on-going):

    Patriotic Colors: We will take the firework celebration inside as we create our very own interpretation of the display through red, white, and blue paint. We will also explore camouflage through an array of different greens.
    Sensational Story Time in Orange Plaza (11 AM & 2:30 PM):

    Memorial Day: Holidays in Rhythm & Rhyme: A rhythmic exploration of an important day, honoring our soldiers’ sacrifices while celebrating the beginning of summer.
    Grown-up Tip: When discussing love, loss, and sacrifice with your child, it’s best to speak simply, directly, and honestly, using developmentally appropriate words. Afterward, listen to your child’s response patiently and without judgment. This exchange of mutual respect will help build a foundation of trust and will model how to deal with similar subjects in the future.

    RSVP: Not required
    Fee: Included with museum admission

    **½ price admission for all military personnel**