2021 Irvine Visitors Guide

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Pretend City Re-Opened with New Exhibits to Explore!

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    We're so excited to be back! All little pretenders are welcome to come resume play as little firefighters, mechanics, grocery shoppers, farmers, and whatever else their imagination desires! Let's get back to building better brains!

    This time there are two NEW exhibits for children to explore!

    Super Service Center Little mechanics can step into a pretend auto shop equipped with all the tools they need to perform maintenance on a kid-sized car mounted on a lift. The exhibit includes a tool chest, pretend wrenches and lug nuts, mufflers to replace (and a creeper to take you under the chassis), containers for oil, washer fluid and coolant, tires to change and a pneumatic drill with realistic sound effects!

    The Mind + Body Studio provides a peaceful space for parents and children to practice mindfulness, emotional regulation, and yoga exercises.