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Suburban Ecologies

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    Orange County’s suburban sprawls are an undeniable characteristic of the region. From historic architecture to planned developments, rolling hills to diverse expansive coastlines, these characteristics have been the subject of artist Jesse Colin Jackson’s work since relocating to Orange County in 2013. The Great Park Gallery in the Palm Court Arts Complex presents Suburban Ecologies, an exhibition showcasing large-scale panoramic photography, video, and sculpture which are the results of Jackson’s ongoing research.

    A Canadian artist now based in Southern California, Jackson's work has been the subject of several national and international exhibitions. He is the recipient of grants and awards for his creative projects on subjects such as information technology, the social sciences, and digital media. He holds degrees in architecture and engineering which enable his interdisciplinary practice. Jackson is a professor of electronic art and design at the University of California, Irvine, where he also serves as Associate Dean, Research and Innovation. 

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    Image: Detail of The Ragged Edge Newport Beach by Jesse Colin Jackson