Irvine's Open Space

Irvine offers 16,500 acres of open space, the most in Orange County! Featuring 60+ miles of hiking and biking trails and picturesque vistas to enjoy year round. Please visit the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks website to learn about our trails and for up-to-date information on COVID-19 guidelines and protocols.

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Experience Irvine for your Orange County getaway

When stay-at-home restrictions are lifted and you are able to travel freely, we invite you experience Irvine, the center of Orange County. 

Why Irvine?

  1. Accommodations for Every Budget - Irvine boasts 22 hotels ranging from name brand full-service to select service.

  2. Safety - "America's Safest Big City" according to the FBI since 2005.

  3. Easily Accessible - Irvine is easily accessible from the LA area by car via Interstates 5 and 405. Once here, getting around is easy, as routes 73 and 55, can take you nearly everywhere in the area.

  4. Natural Beauty - Over 16,500 acres of parks, and dedicated open space, the most in Orange County. Featuring 60+ miles of trails.

  5. Diverse Dining Options - Irvine's international community means you can find culinary options of all kinds, from locally grown organic produce to authentic Asian-inspired cuisine.

  6. Family Friendly - Family & kid-friendly attractions.

  7. Center of Orange County - Close proximity to the area's popular beaches and famous attractions.

  8. Lowest hotel tax - Irvine's hotel tax is 10%, in comparison to 17% elsewhere - the lowest in the county!


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