Welcome to the OC!

Orange County is the epitome of Southern California. There is a vibe here you’ll find no place else on earth. People travel to Orange County for both business and pleasure, and at the heart of any experience is the ability to enjoy our casual sophistication, pristine beaches, legendary theme parks, wide open spaces, variety of recreational activities, innovative restaurants, alluring hotels, amazing shopping, and so much more. With bright sunny days and wonderful starry nights, this is the place where California dreams are made.

There’s no better destination to experience the best of the “OC” than Irvine. We like to say when you stay in Irvine you’re within 30 miles and 30 minutes of Southern California’s best attractions, including the theme parks, shopping malls, and beaches.

Orange County is home to the original theme park: Disneyland Resort. And not far is Knott’s Berry Farm. If you’re here for the beaches, the OC has 42 miles of them — perfect for surfing, sunning, and strolling. In fact, the beaches aren’t the only place to spend time outside. We have an amazing variety of sprawling wilderness and nature parks where you can hike, bike, bird watch, picnic, relax, and more.

And then there’s something else Orange County is famous for: shopping and dining. There’s a reason you see a lot of shopping and eating when movies and television shows feature Orange County — it’s because we have an amazing selection of stores, boutiques, and malls here. Then, after a day spent swimming, hiking, or shopping, who doesn’t want a great meal? With restaurants serving cuisine from all around the world — many located right here in Irvine — a wonderful cocktail and a great meal are guaranteed.

We look forward to welcoming you to Orange County!

Destination Irvine


拉古纳海滩距离尔湾仅 14 英里,是一座坐落在悬崖上的海滨度假城市。户外活动包括在拉古纳海岸荒野公园进行水肺潜水、人体冲浪和徒步旅行。作为一个艺术家社区,拉古纳 (Laguna) 举办特殊的节日,例如木屑艺术节和大师选美大赛。

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沿海城市纽波特比奇距离加利福尼亚州欧文市仅 9 英里。在水晶湾州立公园欣赏壮丽的景色,在巴尔博亚岛乘坐达菲船,或在科罗纳德尔马的当地餐厅之一用餐。

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科斯塔梅萨被称为“艺术之城”,距离尔湾仅 6 英里。对于终极购物狂潮,南海岸广场拥有所有国际奢侈品牌。在娱乐方面,OC Fair and Event Center 举办全县规模最大、参加人数最多的活动。

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距离尔湾不到 20 英里的地方是阿纳海姆 (Anaheim),那里有迪士尼乐园、迪士尼加州冒险乐园、纳氏草莓园和举办世界上最大型博览会的阿纳海姆会议中心。阿纳海姆包装区曾经是一家橙子加工厂,现在是汇集世界级烹饪人才的美食广场。

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驱车 30 分钟即可到达达纳角 (Dana Point),这里有近 7 英里的沿海悬崖和太平洋沿岸连绵起伏的丘陵。 Doheny 州立海滩每年吸引数百名游客。它是俄亥俄州为数不多的港口之一,当地人和游客可以在这里享受运动钓鱼、帆伞运动、骑自行车等活动。

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