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Planning a Girls Night Out: 4 Reasons Hello Kitty Grand Cafe Should Be on Your List

It is your turn to organize the ladies’ night out. You want to arrange something entertaining, out of the box and unforgettable. Hello Kitty Grand Cafe inside the Spectrum Center is not your average cafe. Underneath the neon Bow Room sign and behind the white door marked with a simple gold bow is an area found only in Irvine, California. The Irvine Bow Room is the Hello Kitty themed oasis, providing traditional Afternoon Tea by day and signature drinks at night. It’s the ideal location for laughing out loud and catching up. It’s also a nice atmosphere to introduce young girls to the art of bonding and the practice of Afternoon Tea. While the city of Irvine is not limited on choices for a date with close friends, these are four reasons Hello Kitty Grand Cafe should be one of them.

1. Location Location Location

Hello Kitty Grand Cafe is one of 156 stores inside the Spectrum Center. Parking is ample with spaces close enough to walk to and from before your feet quit your high heel shoes. If you choose a ride share service or taxi, the pickup and drop off is straightforward. The Bow Room hours follow the center's hours, so you won’t be alone when leaving your fun-filled evening.

2. One of A Kind Experience

When you report to the secret door, they treat you like a VIP entering a private members-only club. The main thing you notice once inside is pink. Initially, the theme takes you back to your childhood but after hearing the smooth jazz, facing the well-stocked bar and surrendered to the mood lighting- brighter during the Afternoon Tea- you know you aren’t in a child’s play area. Seating can accommodate two people or a group of six or more. They outfit the bar with purse-hooks, and you receive a personal bottomless bowl of seasoned corn nuts to go with whichever drink you select. If enjoying the tea service, the gold utensils are sure to draw out the inner queen.

Photo Credit: Hello Kitty Cafe

3. Afternoon Tea Fit for Queens

From the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. low- tea with traditional British elements-scones, finger sandwiches and mini desserts take place behind the exclusive door. The first course is a delicious strawberry parfait. Fresh strawberries are topped with a whipped chocolate crème and customized with a chocolate syrup imprint of Hello Kitty. Sweet to savory small bites are served on a three-tiered Hello Kitty serving tray. As you pour into your Hello Kitty teacup your pinky will extend automatically.

Photo Credit: Hello Kitty Cafe

4. Friendship Hour

Beginning at 5 p.m. the Bow Room becomes the lounge. They replace the Afternoon Tea table setting with single pink amber candles and original crafted cocktails. The happy hour affectionally known as friendship hour gets you $5 off signature drinks including those served inside the Hello Kitty drinkware. The menu changes quarterly keeping it fresh and seasonally appropriate. Your drink won’t get sent back to the bartender requesting it be made “stronger” at this bar. Depending on the libation you choose you can taste tropical, smoky or fruity notes. No woman left behind with Mocktails available for nonalcoholic drinkers and wine by the bottle or half bottle for the vino connoisseur. Order one of the three Old Fashioneds to score a Hello Kitty embossed ice cube in your glass.

Photo Credit: Desiree Rew

Know Before You Go

You must make reservations for the Afternoon Tea and Cocktails. Reservations can be made up to six months in advance. Due to the intimate setting walk-ins while accepted may not be possible if the room is full.

Afternoon Tea reservations are for two persons - $55 per person but can be made for one with a notation in the reservation details. The same applies to the cocktail lounge reservations except for cost.

Food is not served in the Bow Room during the cocktail service hours. If you require a substantial meal you should eat before. The cafe serves desserts that can be eaten inside, but they allow no other outside food.

The 18 percent gratuity is automatically added to all checks.

None of the Bow Room barware or tea sets are for sale. `By the end of your evening, you will want one-trust me.