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LA Aviators 2024 Home Game at Great Park


  • May 04 2024
  • May 18 2024
  • June 02 2024
  • June 30 2024
  • July 07 2024
  • July 21 2024

8272 Great Park Blvd
Irvine CA, 92618

We’re welcoming the Aviators to Championship Stadium in Irvine, CA this year! With a new stadium comes a new experience with more fun at every game! We’ll have more food options, beer, games for both adults and kids, music, and much more!

Last year we made it to the playoff finals, but this year we’re ready to go all the way to Championship Weekend. It’s time for the Aviators to soar once again! After a tough season last year, our Los Angeles Aviators are ready to take flight and dominate the competition.

We’re putting everything we have into every game, every play, every moment. Whether you’re a seasoned ultimate frisbee enthusiast or a first-time spectator, the Aviators are sure to deliver an unforgettable experience. If you’re ready to turn off your screens and remember why live entertainment is still the reigning champ, then join us on this journey to victory. Grab some friends, grab some tickets, and get ready to witness the Aviators take to the skies once again!
Location: Great Park Championship Stadium, 6996 Phantom, Irvine, CA